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Low carbon

This experimental art and performance project—collaborative with Cymene Howe and other partners—explores the possibility that austerity oriented environmental messaging may have reached an impasse in terms of meaningfully connecting with the high carbon lifestyle folk of the world who direly need to change their ways. The problem is that petroculture is a pleasure machine and the global North has become more affectively dependent on routine high carbon pleasures and conveniences than it typically admits. So perhaps what is needed is less cold turkey talk and more thinking about transforming cathexis. That is to say, instead of just telling the high carbon dependent, in essence, to cease their petrocultural pleasures, what if we were instead to encourage them to rewire and decarbonize their overheated pleasure circuits by first focusing on the many joyful activities that don’t require machines and fuels? It turns out that many of the best things in life have little to do with oil anyway. We did a Low Carbon Pleasure Nerd Nite event together with Daniel Aldana Cohen in 2017. More recently, we’ve been developing a series of activities and an experiential game for the Glasgow COP-26 meetings together with the A+E collective.

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