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Blob is a petrohorror petropunk mythology infiltrating multiple media formats and projects. It plays a background role in the Petropolis television series and has made some minor textual appearances too. Blob involves multiple inspirations, drawing on the horror motifs of H.P. Lovecraft, Dean Koontz, Justin Cronin, The X Files, and especially Reza Negarestani. It explores alt-reality scenarios in which oil is a manifestation of one or another sentient chthonic being (Blob). Sometimes that being is conceived as descended from (possibly interstellar) lithospheric bacterial colonies that now seek to invade or parasitize the surface world. In other scenarios, especially those detailed in Negarestani’s Cyclonopedia, oil manifests a fallen sun god, an antichrist banished from the heliocratic pantheon to inhabit the metallic core and mantle of the Earth. This Blob has plotted its revenge ever since, spending eons contriving and executing a Tellurian insurgency against the Sun and its solar economy on earth. Since the rise of Zoroastrianism, Blob has been drawn to the Middle East and the excitational properties of its desert monotheisms, whose ultimate goals are to extend lifeless conditions of desert apocalypse across the Earth’s surface. In turn, the petroleum Blob concentrated in the Middle East has attracted, stimulated, and accelerated technocapitalist war machines that use oil to grease, fuel, and recompose their parts. This assemblage of petroleum, monotheism, and War-on-Terror-machines are now the front line actors in Blob’s battle against solarity and its plantly cults.

Also key to the Blob mythology is “blobjectivity—human reasoning that naturalizes the inevitability of oil in both realist and paranoid modes. Blobjectivity renders the here and now of petroculture both eternal and universal. My current focus is on developing a Role Playing Game (RPG) called Blob in which players investigate, expose and negate the elements of Blob’s insurgency all while striving to keep their blobjectivity score from rising so high that they themselves are unwittingly lured into the conspiratorial networks of perpetuating petroculture.

Blob. Reza Negarestani remix for True Oli 

The Blob. Original artwork by Michael Bracco.

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